Gas Appliance Servicing

Gas Heater Servicing

Has your Portable Gas Heater Been Serviced Recently ?

Most People don’t know that like your car your gas appliances need servicing also
 especially portable gas heaters ! 
luckily we offer In-house portable gas heater servicing. So if you heaters having difficulty in igniting, smells of gas or has a noisy fan or just seems not to be running as good as it used to then its time to get your heater.

Some of the Brands we service are Rinnai, Everdure, Bromic, Paloma, Rheem, Pyrox, Omega 

How Often should i service my Portable Gas Heater ?

Every 1-2 Years, But Depends on the environment it’s in

if you have Polished, Laminate, Timber or Tiled Floor you will generally service your heater more often then Carpeted Flooring

if your store your heater away for the summer again you will generally get a longer life between services

Whats Included in a Service ?

Our Service Includes

  • Dismantling the Heater
  • Full Clean
  • Clean and Lubricate Fan
  • Pressure Test
  • Clean Jets
  • Clean Pilot Assembly
  • Clean and Check Radiant Tiles ( Radiant Heaters Only )
  • Gas Leak Test
  • Reset to Manufacturers Specifications
  • 3 Months Warranty on the Service ( Does not included any part failure )

* Any Part Replacement or addition labour required to replace parts will be an additional cost and customer will be advised before proceeding with repair *

Gas Barbeque Servicing

We can also service or convert most gas barbeques, replace burners, knobs, ingitions etc.

Gas Fridge Servicing

We can also service most gas LPG Portable Fridges,