Paloma Flued Gas Space Heater 25MJ

Paloma Flued Gas space heaters offer fully automatic, thermostatically controlled heating. These high efficiency heaters provide rapid winter warmth and their coaxial flue system ensures room air remains fresh.

Gas Input: 25 (MJ/h)

Available Colours: Off White

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Product Description

Model PRS-250
Application Domestic
Gas Input (MJ/h)  HighNG/LPG 25
Gas Input (MJ/h)  LowNG/LPG 9
Heater Output (kW) 5.9
AS4553 Energy Star Rating 4.8
AS4553 Emission Star Rating 6
Max. Heating Capacity (MJ/h)  Very Cold 52
Cold 61
Cool 82
Mild 94
Electrical Power Cord Length (m) 1.5
Electrical Consumption (Watts)  High 58
Low 27
Standby 1
Humidifier Tray Capacity (L) 1
Colour Off White
Coaxial Flue Pipe Diameter (mm) 50 x 75
Thermostatic Control 16°C – 26°C
Dual Timers Yes
Auto Off Mode Yes
Preheat Function Yes
Economy Mode Yes
Override Function Yes
Child Lock Yes
Seven Stage Modulating Gas Valve Yes
Blocked Filter Indicator Yes
Lockable Control Panel No
24VAC Terminal Block No
Central Control Operation No
Dimensions: H x W x D (mm) 610 x 760 x 257
Packaged Weight (kg) 31

Order Codes

Natural Gas PRS-250N
  •  Energy Efficiency Star Rating – 4.8 Stars
  •  On/Off Operation – One touch electronic ignition
  •  Dual Timers – can be set to operate automatically at two separate periods of the day (can be used as morning and evening timers). Timers can be set to operate with two timer periods, one timer period or none at all
  •  Low Standby Power Usage – standby power consumption is just 1 Watt
  •  Economy Mode – increases the efficiency of the heater. When Economy mode is activated the heater gradually reduces the room temperature by 1°C for every 30 minutes up to 2°C. This change in temperature is hardly noticeable
  •  Preheat – the heater automatically operates up to one hour prior to the programmed starting time, so the room is at the required temperature when the programmed ON time is reached
  •  Timer Override – allows you to manually override the preset program and operate the heater. The ‘Override’ button can be operated when the heater is in a Timer ON or Timer OFF period
  •  Adjustable Room Temperature – when the heater is turned on, both the set temperature and room temperature are displayed on the screen. You can easily adjust the room temperature between 16°C & 26°C by using the arrows on the control panel.
  •  Zero Indoor Emission Technology – Clean Indoor Air – These Paloma heaters are flued, which means the Paloma coaxial flue system expels flue gases to the outside so your room air remains fresh and is not compromised
  •  Child Lock Mode – is available to prevent children interfering with the heater controls
  •  Humidifier Tray – the heater has a humidifier tray located behind the lower front cover. The humidifier tray can be filled with water to raise the humidity level in the room, making it feel warmer and more comfortable
  •  Vertical Louvre Adjustment – the louvres on the heater can be adjusted to direct air flow in the required direction by pushing the vertical section left or right
  •  Standard Back Cover Spacer Kit – is supplied with the heater at no extra cost and is attached to the rear of the heater
  •  Auto Timer Off Operation – the auto off timer is standard for all domestic & commercial models and can be activated so that the heater will automatically turn off after a preset time period. The heater has ten time settings – from 1 hour to 12 hours
  •  Adjustable Legs – the heater can be leveled using the four adjustable legs supplied
  •  Paloma designed gas valve – energy efficient seven stage modulating gas valve
  •  Country of Manufacture – Japan